Kamenitza Save The Man Campaign

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Kamenitza Save The Man Campaign

Kamenitza Save The Man Campaign

(for your own Protection)

Dear Men,
It’s been some time now that, with an ever growing concern, we’re watching a menacing trend. We’re watching how Civilization, with a sinister dedication, destroys the True Man, eats away his very heart and soul. Its methods are cunning, metrosexual and seemingly innocent, but the results are beginning to show through.

Yes. Yes, The Real Man is already an endangered species!And when the Real Man is in danger, we at Kamenitza cannot stand and just watch.

Everyday - when he opens a fashion magazine, reaches for a colorful cocktail, applies hair-gel, or walks a small puffy animal - something inside the Real Man dies.
His true soul melts, while he waxes his body hair, pedicures himself, goes to the opera, or - God forbid - goes Shopping.

Civilization presents all these acts as Great Achievements, Technological Breakthroughs of modern times, but make no mistake. Air conditioned environments, vegan traits, male grooming products, hot-water bottles and electrical blankets are a threat to our very existence.

Who, if we may ask, is going to hammer a nail to the wall, if need be? Who’s gonna build a fire, a shed, an outhouse or a water raft, eh?
Who’s gonna blow things up, get the girl, beat the bad guy, score with a side-kick or wake up in the bath-tub - the very things that fill the Life of  Real Men with Meaning. 

Nobody, that’s who.

Fellow Men. Let us remember who we really are. Let us be true to the things we’re born for - Friendship, Loyalty, Playing Cards, Bar-B-Q and a Good Beer!

When The Real Man is in danger we at Kamenitza say “NO!”
When The Real Man is on the brink of extinction we at Kamenitza say “ENOUGH!”

Let’s throw away the silk thongs from our closets. Let’s get together, raise a glass of beer and remember what we’re here for!
Director: Riccardo Pauletti
DoP: Cesare
Agency Producer: Milen Marchev
Production: SIA Advertising
Save The Man Campaign Credits:

Creative Direction: Emil Zakhariev, Andrey Andreev-Vini
Art Direction & Typography: Andrey Andreev-Vini, Emil Zakhariev
Copywriting: Penko Kotov, Victor Jerasi, Emil Zakhariev
Account Executive: Nadya Bobeva, Zdrava Markova
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