Miscellaneous Poster Campaigns

Miscellaneous print and outdoor campaigns produced at New Moment New Ideas Agency

Posters & Billboards
Some outdoor advertising campaigns I did at New Moment New Ideas Sofia. Most of the work is collaborative and includes contribution from various copywriters, designers, art directors and photographers.
Art director/Copywriter: Emil Zakhariev. Photographed by: Pavel Chervenkov
Shortlisted at Golden Drum Festival
Art director/Copywriter: Emil Zakhariev. Designer: Assia Mineva
Bronze Drum at Golden Drum Festival
Rejected campaign "The Missing George" for George Karelias and Sons Brand
Art director/Copywriter: Emil Zakhariev. Designer/Photographer: Nevena Mitreva
Art Directors: Andrey Andreev-Vini, Vladimir Tzonkov, Emil Zakhariev.
Copywriter: Milen Marchev
Timeline infographics for the exhibition Leonardo da Vinci: Scientist and Inventor
Art Direction: Andrey Andreev-Vini, Emil Zakhariev
Rejected campaign for Aventis Pasteur vaccine
Art Director/Copywriter: Emil Zakhariev; Designer: Assia Mineva
Art Direction & Typography: Emil Zakhariev; Photographer: Pavel Chervenkov
Launch Campaign for fashion label Brigada
Art Direction: Andrey Andreev-Vini, Vladimir Tzonkov, Emil Zakhariev;
Copywriting & Typography: Emil Zakhariev
Casting poster for BigBrother
Art Direction & Typography: Emil Zakhariev
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